Welcome to Kae's Petz site!

Please pardon my dust, I'm still figuring things out.

So I grew up playing Petz5, but time and middle school happened and I completely forgot about it until a post crossed my Tumblr dash a few weeks back. It's been an utter whirlwind since, and I'm rediscovering my childhood love of pixel critters, silly shenanigans, and utter mad science experiments!

It's going to be a little while before I get things up and running; in the meantime, please enjoy some random images of my crew so far!

Badger is a dainty princess of a cat, at least in voice.
She loves to sing along with the music box, but isn't above hunting mice that go after her favorite cheese!
I try not to play favorites but who am I kidding, she's probably favorite~
Apple has been called the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Catz.
This is what peak performance looks like.
His star-spangled behind belongs to Bee; you can't have it. So don't ask.
Bee is Apple's girlfriend and a feisty chinchilla persian/alley cat mix who's not afraid to show me who's boss.
I love this skrunkly lady, she's so ridiculous. Please don't tell her I said that.
Starby and Maya go together like... well, something!
Maya (Magestrix Maya Winona Mapletree) is an example of why Kae should(n't) be allowed to make hybrids of hexed breedz,
while Starby (Lord Starburst Skrunkleton Gooberville, ninth of his name) was graciously hexed for me by Moonflower.
Science has not gone too far. Shhh.
Fiend is a hybrid of my own Googlez breed (based on Webkinz googles) and Gyiyg's... whatever the whatshuh is.
Don't mind the green fellows. There's nothing to see there.